Unicode symbols


I hope everyone is doing OK in these difficult times.

I would like to share some shortcuts for symbols that I use a lot. You can follow the same pattern to create a shortcut for any symbol you like using the list of unicode characters at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Unicode_characters

^+d::sendInput,{U+2300} ;⌀
^+p::sendInput, {U+00A3} ;£
^+y::sendInput, {U+00A5} ;¥
^+0::sendInput, {U+00B0} ;°
^+x::sendInput, {U+00D7} ;×
^!>::sendInput, {U+2265} ;≥
^!<::sendInput, {U+2264} ;≤
^+o::sendInput, {U+03A9} ;Ω
^+u::sendInput, {U+03BC} ;μ
^+2::sendInput, {U+201C} ;“
^!2::sendInput, {U+201D} ;”
NumpadMult::sendInput, {U+2022} ;•

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