Receiving the following message in my translation : state="translated

Hi, I have started using SDL Trados 2019 since March this year and everything was going smoothly. However, after receiving a notification requesting me to update my Trados to the recent one, I started experiencing difficulties as my translated XLIFF files are now having the following sentence "state=translated which has nothing to do with my translation. I spent the whole shift yesterday trying to fix it, and I was not successful. Can anybody assist please. 

This is how it appears 

<xliff version="1.0">
<file original="f101_114_p27_en_fr.xlf" source-language="en" target-language="fr" datatype="html">
<header />
<trans-unit id="S-5-27-101">
<target state="translated">RAIL_CALLING_ORDER_LINES</target>
<trans-unit id="S-6-27-101">
<target state="translated">RAIL_CALLING_ORDER_LINES</target>
<trans-unit id="S-12-27-101">
<source>No help is available for this page.</source>
<target state="translated">Aucune aide n'est disponible pour cette page </target>

Parents Reply
  • Hi Paul, thank you for your reply to my concern. Let me tell you that this is a urge problem. I am busy translating a big document in HTML language. I think you know that even an extra single dot is a big issue in this type of document. Therefore, the client is complaining that the document cannot be downloaded as he is receiving errors message. I am currently obliged to restart the work done all over again as Trados seems to be not helping me in this particular project.