Create project package/return package?

Hello community,

I can't create project package or return package after complete translation. First, I created a Studio project from source files, translated and tried to create a project package or return package but both are inactive (grey color) in the menu bar and right click ones. I am using Trados Studio 2019 SR1 version and did I miss something?

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  • Hello ,

    It depends on what the client has asked for really.
    You can only sent a return package if you received a package in the first place.
    However, it is worth noting the RPPX will only contain the translated SDLXLIFF file- no other resources are normally in the package.
    Generally most clients will just want the translated SDLXLIFF file and /orTarget file in the original format.
    Some may however require the updated project TM.
    Best just to speak to your client to check