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Back in the translation business. Last used Trados when it was in its infancy. Are most people using Macs? Which should I invest in? I had eye surgery and have been using Macbooks ever since. Is there any PC which matches retina quality?

  • Most Studio users are no doubt on Windows computers, although some of us masochists do use virtual machines or Boot Camp on Macs to work in Windows. Paul is surely correct that preparing and maintaining your translation environment on a Windows computer would be easier, and you can also find Windows hardware that offers the retina crispness you prefer.

    Windows users can purchase high-resolution monitors (or notebooks with these screens) that are essentially equivalent to retina quality. One of my monitors is a 24-inch 4K model that is essentially as crisp as my wife's 21-inch iMac. I use this monitor with Windows (in a virtual machine) and Studio 2019 without any problems, but you will need to investigate how Windows scales display, so that you can adjust the size at which text and UI elements are displayed to suit your needs.

    Good luck!


    (adding to my previous comment)

    If you will use a notebook (whether a Windows machine or a MacBook), you might also consider picking up a USB monitor such as the Asus MB16AP. See one for yourself at an electronics store.

    I use the MB16AC, without a built-in battery, as a second monitor. Although brightness could be better, the nearly 140 ppi screen does make text sharp (but not retina-sharp).

    The extra screen space is quite nice.

  • Sorry, , I have no experience with those, but maybe someone else will respond.

    Might be advisable to see what Studio looks like in 4K on a 17-inch screen at various scaling settings. It will resemble retina quality, but if you enlarge the scaling to see things, you will have less space to work with, in effect.

    In this era of subscriptions, maybe SDL will release an OS-independent, always up-to-date online version of Studio. (I seem to recall seeing something like "SDL Trados Studio Online," some time ago.) Like the Memsource online editor, that might allow you to work from an iPad or MacBook, as long as you have a fast connection and do not mind potential security risks.

    For that matter, some people do remotely access their Windows computers at home from Apple gear while traveling. But again, someone else would need to respond about that option.

    Whatever you decide, you'll be amazed by the advances in translation software since your first exposure to Trados. Some things are still annoying, so you'll need patience, but others are like magic.

    Hope you find a solution that suits your vision.


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