Tracking changes report (segments specified)


I would like to know whether is it possible to create a report consisting information on tracking changes made by an editor who edited a translation. Also, we need segments to be specified.

Thank you.


  • Hi 

    Reporting on changes made to a translated segment, reasons and to which segments sounds like a perfect use case for TQA which is built into Trados Studio. 

    The report contains an overview on the quality of a particular translation.

    TQA reports are useful for:

    • Reviewers, to get an overview of their TQA items before sending the translation document back to the translator.
    • Translators, to get an overview of the feedback received from the reviewer and estimate the time required to correct the issues indicated in the TQA items.
    • Project managers, to estimate the quality of a translator's work.

    TQA reports contain:

    • General information about the project
    • Pass/fail result
    • Each severity level's number of occurrences for each category or subcategory
    • All quality assurance items reported in each of the selected files
    • Other TQA related statistics

    Information about working with TQA can be found here:

    I hope this does help