Lost list of projects, then lost a document in a project, but files remain on drive

Hi Everyone,

I am using Trados Studio 2021 and my files are located in folders which are synchronized with OneDrive.

Recently all project names in the Projects view disappeared. The files themselves, however, were still in the Projects folder.

Moreover, today one of the 2 files in a recently created project disappeared. It is still in the Projects folder, however. I didn't even turn off my computer, it was just in a sleeping mode.

I think this might be related to my using OneDrive. OneDrive also flags a syncing problem all the time. I guess Trados creates and deletes auto-save temp files and this causes a sync conflict.

I have 3 questions:

1) How to prevent project names and individual project files from disappearing.

2) Now that I have one file disappeared from the project, how can I make it part of the project again? I can open it by opening sdlxliff as a separate document or I can re-add a docx file to the project and base it on this partially translated sdlxliff, but can I directly reinstate sdlxliff within the existing project?

3) How can I get rid of the OneDrive sync problem? Manipulations with sync settings did not help. Our tech guy suggested that I should move this auto-save folder out of the Studio 2021 folder to a location not being synched with the OneDrive cloud. Is that possible?

Thank you, Alexey

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