The algorithm of fuzzy matches in SDL Trados

Hello, my name is Wanzhi and I am a current MA Translation student at UCL CenTraS. I am working on my dissertation regarding the algorithm of fuzzy matches in different CAT tools. I will do test on three chosen CAT tools (SLD Trados is one of them) and see the differences of fuzzy matches in them so as to figure out some hints for translators whose language pair is English and Chinese. While doing test, I also want to include some official descriptions from the three chosen CAT tools about fuzzy matches in my dissertation. I have searched on your official website and looked at SDL Community but unfortunately there is not very much relevant information. Thus, I am sincerely asking for more information about the algorithm of fuzzy matches in SDL Trados. Looking forward to your prompt answer!

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  • I'm afraid we don't publish this information so you'll probably have to do a little reverse engineering to figure out what we do.  The logic being we have APIs available for developers…