Column insertion in XLIFF files

I find XLIFF files really difficult to handle. There's a project now where I need to extract and reimport the content of either the source or the target language column on a regular basis for intermittent use and editing of the content in an Excel, sometimes even in a Word-file. Extracting from an XLIFF isn't too difficult, you can always just open them in Excel, highlight a column and copy/paste it wherever you like. But reintegrating a column is a chore because Excel can't save the modified file again as a readable XLIFF. Does anyone have a workable solution by any chance?

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  • I think there are probably various workarounds and maybe others can chip in, but my random thoughts without seeing anything to work with would be these:

    1. stop using a workflow that means working outside of a CAT for XLIFF. These files were designed with the use of a CAT in mind, OR
    2. use Trados Live Team so you can share the work with others via the online editor and then they won't need a CAT tool as they can simply translate in their browser instead of Excel or Word.  It's a simplified interface and quite easy to use, OR
    3. use the Export for External Review so the word files are files you can import back to update your translations.  Generally it's not the best idea to use this method for translating as it was intended as a review tool only, but you could try it as a last resort