which one is the "Add" key on keyboard?

Hi everyone,

I'm stuck with a simple problem: to confirm a translated segment, the shortkey is "ALT" + "Add". Where is the "add" key???? Thanks!


  • Edith

    The default shortcut to confirm a segment is CTRL-Enter. If Studio suggests ALT-Add, it means that you chose the wrong user profile when you launched Studio the first time. You chose "SDL Trados" instead of "Default".

    You should change your user profile because this not only affects the shortcut for confirming segments, but also others.
    To do this, go to "File - Setup - Manage User Profiles". It will show "SDL Trados" as your current profile. Click on "Change user profile", in the next screen on "Do not backup ..." and select the profile "Default" in the next screen.
    Click on "Finish" and you will now be able to use all the default shortcuts.

    BTW, the "Add" key is the + key on the numeric pad. This setting "SDL Trados" is meant for users who want to stick to the shortcuts that were used in old Trados Workbench (many years ago).


  • Thanks, Walter. The "problem" occured with the installation of Studio 2015. It has slowed down my work speed for quite some time and I'm glad I asked this key question (which appeared rather silly to me...) :-)
  • This was useful. Just wondering why the starter interface suggests you SDLTrados as a profile for known users; after so many upgrades, I don't consider myself as a new user. Might be a good idea to find another name and explication for those options