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Find and Replace dialog box does not seem to appear anywhere.


Whenever I use the find and replace option in SDL Studio 2014 the dialog box does not appear anywhere. I am using windows 10 home, 64 bit. It does appear on the taskbar as a new window but it just doesn't appear on the screen. 

I am also having an issue with another PC and SDL Studio 2015. I am working on a very large merged file, whenever I open it it takes a while and windows says that Trados is not responding. I leave it for about 3 minutes and it opens. Whenever I try to use the find and replace option it freezes again and I have to restart SDL Trados 2015. I try this on another PC that has SDL Trados 2014 Freelance version and it works very smoothly. How can this be? 



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  • Peter

    Did you by any chance use Studio on a PC with two monitors and then remove one of the monitors (or move to another PC with only one monitor)?
    This may explain why you don't see the search window, because it was on the second monitor and this monitor is now not existing.

    If that is the case, access the search window using the ALT-TAB function and move it to the primary monitor.

  • Hello Peter,

    If the "Search and Replace" window appears on the taskbar, right click it there and then select "Move" (if you are using Windows 8 or 10 you might have to hold down the SHIFT key before right-clicking in order to get the "Move" menu item to show up). After you selected "Move", press the "arrow" buttons on your keyboard, and then move your mouse: the "Find and Replace" button should be now "glued" to your mouse so you can bring it forward. As Walter mentioned in the previous post, this issue usually appears if you are using a multi-monitor setup and then unplug one of the screens.

    For your second issue, I believe that the problem might be caused by the PC specs. When dealing with large documents it is for the best to have a 64bit Operating System and 4 (or more)GB of RAM. I think that the computer on which Studio 2014 is installed has better specifications and that is the reason why it handles your merged file better.

    Hope this helps.


  • Walter

    Thank you for your response.

    I do have two monitors connected to one PC, however I've never disconnected them. It seems very strange. I tried the ALT-TAB function and it still doesn't work.

  • Vlad,

    Thank you for your response.

    The "Move" option has solved the "Search and Replace" window issue. Thank you for that.

    For the second issue, the PC that has Trados 2015 is actually the newest one in my office. It has 1TB of memory, 8gb of ram and is running on windows 10 64-bit. The computer that has 2014 installed has lower specs. It has 500gb of memory, 4gb of ram and is running on windows 10 64-bit.

  • Peter

    I guess you mean 1 TB of disk space and not memory.
    Would be a nice configuration though:-)

  • Hey Vlad, thanks a lot, I just had the same issue with trados 2017 and eventually found your post! I did use two monitors, laptop and external, then it appears that dialog box somehow remained on the other monitor. I launched Studio 2017, opened the find dialog box, reconnected both monitors and moved all the open apps and the dialog box to the main monitor. It worked!!!
  • Dear Vlad

    In my instance this concerns an installation just on one brand new laptop with 64bit OS and 8 GB of RAM. No second monitor involved. Just a straight installation on 1 laptop and it still does not work. Not what you expect when you spend extra money. :-(  So I am back to Studio 2017.



  • Hello ,

    I have just come across your post by accident-

    It is always a good idea to start a new thread if the post is old and there has been no activity for a couple of weeks - otherwise as nearly in this case your post wont be seen.

    You can always start a new question at any time...

    Also to ensure a message is sent to a specific person always start typing the name with an @ at the beginning


    Could you explain exactly what is happening on your screen please- as missing programs should not be in issue with new machines/new installations with no second monitor.

    If you can post screeen shots this would be most helpfull.

  • Hello All,

    I've just had a similar case - the Find/Replace box kept disappearing (although I could see it for an instant).

    I work on two monitors. A week ago, I bought a larger monitor to replace the small one on the left. Having this problem, I looked up the advice above but it diddn't work: the box would vanish. Then I got a brainwave.

    1) Check which screen is primary. Right-click the desktop, choose something like NVidia display panel or a similar utility.

    2) See what sequence of screens you are using.

    3) To solve my case, basically I had to make the left-hand screen primary again. What had happened though when I hooked up the new monitor, was that my computer switched the primary to the other (right) screen. This status is indicated on Windows by the full System Tray at the bottom (including the clock, date and other icons).

    4) After reverting to the original working space (left-primary / right-secondary) I can enjoy the Find/Replace box again.

    Good luck,


  • In my case this happens to an installation of Studio on a completely independent laptop not connected to other screens. so in my case this does not apply, I am afraid.

  • I have the same problem with Studio 2019. However, the Find and Replace window simply does not open. It does not show up on Alt+Tab or anywhere offscreen. It works for a while and then when I open another project to work on, it disappears and I need to restart Studio to restore the Search and Replace window.

  • Hi ,

    It's taken me until now to find your thread - I've been having the 'Search and replace' problem with Studio 2019 as well, but your answer has resolved it now.

    Just wanted to say a big 'Thank you'.


  • July 2020 - Having this problem for 3 months, after changing my computer from 2-display to 1-display. I had researched and searched a lot. I had not seen this post. 

    It worked like magic! Thank you, Vlad.

  • Thank you, Vlad. After more than four years (Sep. 2020), your answer helped me.