SDL Trados Studio - Force return license – License Reset

Has your license suddenly stopped working and you can no longer use Trados Studio Freelance 2017 or 2019?

Are you trying to activate your license and you get the error message “Activation Failed”? 

If so you probably need to do a force return which will reset your license.

This short video explains how to reactivate and do a force return on your license in less than 2 minutes:

For more information about why a license needs to be reset please see this longer version:

  • I am facing the same problem right now but I don't see the force return option in my license page, probably because I'm using the SDL Trados Studio 2019 Professional, not the Freelance edition. How can I solve this problem? If anyone can help me that would be greatly appreciated.

    **UPDATE** Never mind! I first created a support ticket for a licensing issue and realized it will take a day or two for them to respond. Then I noticed there is an option to reset a license via a chat. I did a chat and an agent reset my license in a few minutes. Problem solved! Regrettably, I had wasted a couple of hours up to this point trying to find a solution... But the chat agent was helpful.