I need to perform a clean reinstall of Trados 2019 but I don't want to lose anything (projects, layouts, plugins, profiles…)

Due to frequent crashes, I think it's time to make a clean reinstallation of Trados 2019 SR2.

However, I have a lot of customized data. Layouts, profiles, plugins, QA settings, Regular expressions, Option settings, Projects, license... and I am terrified I might lose all or part of all that information.

How should I proceed to keep all settings in Trados 2019 (or easily recover them) but delete all files and perform a clean reinstallation? I am particularly speaking about how can I proceed without erasing all custom data I might have gathered along the years (either knowingly or unknowingly)...

I'd really appreciate it, Trados is failing… 

Would repairing the installation delete no user files while solving and cleaning crash issues, or is it better just to uninstall and reinstall?

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  • Hi 

    It's not a huge problem really.

    Only those projects you haven't finished working on will be affected.

    Each time you open one of those, either by double-clicking on the .sdlproj file via Windows Explorer or by navigating to it via Open project from within Studio, Studio will off you the chance to navigate to the TM or termbase that it can't find where the project settings say it should be. Then you just navigate to the place where it now is and continue with opening the project.

    I hope this helps,

    All the best,