Studio 2019: Activated installation suddenly says "Evaluation Expired (37)"

I recently had problems with a wifi card, so I updated Windows 10 from version 1809 to version 1909 but this didn't solve anything, so I replaced my wifi card with an old one and it seems to work better. I restarted Trados to finish a job, but now I lost the activation.

I bought a few months ago SDL Trados Studio 2019 Freelance Plus.

My installation of Studio 2019 was activated with the appropriate licence key on 21-09-2018. Suddenly, I cannot run the programme. It stops with the message 'Evaluation Expired (37)'. But I have never run an evaluation version. When checking my account, it says there is one licence in use. Activated on 21-09-2018. I know I can use an extra activation, but if I do that, I will have nothing to fall back on.

In the meantime, Multiterm seems activated as it doesn't return any error message and open correctly

Could you fix that please, I don't want to lost a activation and I 've a work in progress that I must return on wednesday

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  • Hello,

    Just a quick note about this error message… I’ve had to deal with it too and needed to log a ticket (the workaround described did not work for me). I was told by SDL support that the only way to prevent this from happening is to deactivate my licence before leaving the office (as I normally work in an office) and then reactivate it again at home (whenever I need to take my laptop with me to work from home).

    With the way that COVID-19 is affecting everyone’s lives right now, more and more people are being asked to work from home – I’ll have to do it tomorrow, and who knows how many other times in the near future. This means that every time I need to take my laptop home with me to work from home, I’ll have to deactivate my licence before leaving the office and then reactivate it again when I start working at home – and the other way around as well. If I forget to do this, I will run into trouble again.

    This is quite cumbersome, and completely reliant on my remembering to deactivate and reactivate every single time. So I was just wondering whether SDL was looking into other solutions to prevent this issue from happening… I am sure that lots of people who have to be “mobile” and flexible with their working locations and working setup would appreciate it very much if there was an easier solution.

    Thank you for listening! Blush


  • Hello ,

    The problem is caused because the licence you are using, is registered to a specific IP address - which changes when you move for instance from a corporate IP to your home WiFI connection.

    Normally this should not be a problem as long as you close both Studio and your Laptop properly (not put to 'sleep') when leaving the office and before logging into your home network.

    If you are using a Professional network licence, it might be helpful to see if your company is able to swap this for a single user licence, which should alleviate the issue.