Paul - can you help with trados studio upgrade?

Hi Paul,

You have helped me with various Studio problems I've run into since first using it in 2012. I'm hoping you can help with this one.

I've been happily using Trados Studio 2014 since upgrading in November 2017. (I started with Studio 2011 in August 2012) I now need to upgrade to 2019 because my version no longer seems to be able to open more recent InDesign files. Other than that, it does everything I need it to do.

About a month ago I was chatting online with a CSR who gave me an upgrade link. Long story short, I got busy with work and had to put the upgrade aside for a bit. Now I'm being told that it's too late to update from 2014 to 2019. I can understand missing out on limited time pricing offers, but but I don't recall SDL ever warning me about an end-of-update-option window. Is there any way you can help? 

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