Does Studio 2019 work over mobile tethering?

Hi everyone,

I'm having a hard time setting up Studio 2019 to work over USB mobile tethering. I can work as long as I do not restart my phone; if I do (i.e. everyday), I have to reset my licence (i.e. everyday). So far the helpdesk has suggested setting a static ethernet/mac address. How do I do that? I have turned off the "Use random hardware addresses" option in the Wi-Fi settings to no avail - I'm connected via USB.

Does anyone have experience working from a phone? How do you make Studio 2019 work without giving up on your privacy? Will 2021 work the same way?

Thank you.

  • Day 5. I realized I had a second option: deactivating my licence before shutting down my computer (and activating it again the next day). I had an issue however yesterday trying to deactivate from the Editor view: while trying to do so, I could not close Trados anymore so I had to shut down my computer entirely (I did not note the error message but I will surely not try to deactivate from the Editor view again).

    Starting my new workday today, the licence was still activated and I cannot access Trados... Unfortunately, there are no agents available for the reset (I have unused licences)! Face palm tone5 Better laugh about it. And take my weekend. Cheers.

  • As deactivation seems to regularly stumble over this, I have noted the error message:

    "Deactivation failed. Revocation is either complete or revocation proof is already uploaded."

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