MultiTerm vanishes

Good morning! Following is my desperate email to Paul:

"Dear Paul, I guess you are the current "saviour" for Trados crises! Thank you for your help in the past. You also assisted me a few weeks ago when my licenses suddenly "expired" (case 00371621 in September). The Studio and Multiterm icons (where you click to start the programmes) have suddenly turned white, i.e. they have lost their characteristic colouring... What I did not notice and which might be connected to the licensing problem is that MultiTerm vanishes (sic) shortly after starting it, although everything (i.e. my current termbases) seemed to be running as usual in Studio until one wants to save terms using the quick save facility... Secondly, I usually create new termbases at the beginning of each year and then discovered that MultiTerm does not run properly... Could it maybe have to do with the last updates over the Christmas period (Proz forum) and are you looking into some patches???Re-installing did solve the problem.

Kind regards and thank you in advance.°

Can someone help me please. I am starting a large project this week….