It's 2019. What's with MultiTerm Extract? Do you need to purchase it? Where do you get it? Is it still relevant?

This is one the SDL products where there is no readily available (and actionable) information about how to get it or if it is paid program or not. Not in the Store, not in the SDL Webpage.

Question 1:

First of all, there is one page 'dedicated' to Multiterm Extract in the SDL website: so far so good, but where are the specific web links to "purchase" or "download"?, they're nowhere to be seen. I did not find it in the SDL Store either.

Question 2:

Is this program being phased out? (As far I can tell it's an oldtimer).

Question 3: 

There is a webpage in SDL Support about "Licensing requirements for SDL MultiTerm Desktop, Extract, Widget, Convert" ( While it states that "The SDL MultiTerm suite can be installed standalone and does not need to be licensed/activated" it is not clear if MultiTerm Extract is part of the MultiTerm suite.  Is MultiTerm Extract part of the MultiTerm suite? If so, then the statement above is not true. 

Last but not least, all installations of SDL Studio and SDL MultiTerm Desktop come with documentation about how to use MultiTerm Extract, but nowhere in those 80+ pages manuals you can read how or where to start the program (!) Am I missing something?

Thanks and a Happy New Year 2019!