What wildcards can I use in an Excel glossary to be converted to MultiTerm?

This might be a stupidly easy question, but I've been searching the internet for a while without answer now, and I can't seem to find it out on my own by trying it out.


I'm making a termbase in Excel (I understand one would usually use MultiTerm itself instead of Excel if you're creating a termbase from scratch, but I'm a student and this is part of a school assignment that requires me to make the termbase in Excel first and then later convert it for use in MultiTerm), and I would like to use wildcards for certain nouns and terms that might appear both in plural and singular in texts.


For example "kasstroom genererende eenheid" in Dutch is one term, but its plural "kasstroom genererende eenheden" also appears in the text. I would need the term suggestion (the translation I entered for the term) to show up for both instances, while only having one entry in my termbase.

Other programs I've used have often used the asterisk (*), for example: I'd enter "kasstroom genererende eenh*" into the glossary, to indicate that the suggestion should show up for any text in the source text that starts with "kasstroom genererende eenh" and ends with literally anything else.

I've seen that in Trados Studio 2019 you can use the asterisk termbase searches to indicate the same thing, but I don't find any info on what wildcards I can use within the termbase itself for similar terms.


Hope this was clear, thanks in advance!