Multiple entries with the same ID but different terms


I am relatively new to MultiTerm an struggling with its logic regarding the entries (or maybe its a bug?).

In my terms list (browse terms) I get to see the following three entries (yellow)

I am fine with the content of the first one:


What surprises me is that the second term has the same content including the same ID, in some cases a tag (e.g. two tags for workflow status) is different.

What strikes me even more is that the third term again has the same content and ID but is listed as a different word in the terms list:

I have observed this behaviour with multiple entries and when I delete one of them (clicking on delete in the terms view) more than one disappears. In the current case I delete "Einfügen" and "Einfügen" as well as one of the two instances of "Eigenschaften" disappeared. The last time I remember that all of the entries with the same ID disappeared upon deleting just one of them from the terms list.

So my question are:

1) Why do multiple terms with the same ID appear in the terms list?

2) How can I "clean" the terms list so that I only see one entry for each ID and at the same time not loose any data by inadvertently deleting all entries with the same ID.

3) Is the behaviour normal or should I report it as a bug?

Thanks very much for your support!

Best, Ines