Workflow for merging termbases with different languages

Hi community,

I'm struggling to find a good workflow to achieve the following. I've got two termbases with the same settings and definitions. One contains terms in English, French and German and the other one English and Italian. What I would like to achieve is, using the English terms that are in both TBs and either synchronize them in a new termbase or add the two other languages (DE+FR) for those terms to the second TB. Here goes an example:

In my first TB I have an entry for inhalable fraction

DE: einatembare Fraktion

EN: inhalable fraction

FR: fraction inhalable

+ definitions of the term in each language

in my second TB:

I have the corresponding entry for EN and IT:

EN: inhalable fraction

IT: inhalable fraction

+ definition of the term in each language

As the english term and the definition is identical in both TBs, it would be interesting to merge both TBs in order to work directly with the termbase in other language combinations:


Important note: The termbases have different sizes and not all of the english terms are present in both TBs. I guess I would need to convert both and do some manual filtering in Excel, but maybe there's a faster way (I'm touching wood).

Does anyone have an idea or a workflow for this scenario?

Many thanks in advance.