Where do you create new roles regarding MultiTerm? In GroupShare or in the Administrator in MultiTerm?

Hi all,

I am a little confused. I wanted to create a new role for both MultiTerm 2019 and for Studio 2019 (including access to MultiTerm in Studio). So I created the roles in GroupShare 2017 and could assign these roles to a user. I was also able to log in to Studio as that user, but I could not add a new term to the termbase (Icons are greyed out) although the user has the correspondig permissions.

I can also log in to MultiTerm. However, in the MultiTerm Administrator the new role I created does not exist and my user is therefore not assigned to the termbase.
Where do I need to create the roles? Do I need to create MultiTerm roles in the MultiTerm Administrator? Will they then also be shown in GroupShare?

Thanks in advance.


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