MultiTerm Widget crashes when the size of the entry window is changed

Some users resize the result window with the mouse in the lower right corner after having looked up a word and then the program crashes when searching again.

This can only be fixed if you delete the line "<Window_SearchResults ... >" in the file WidgetSettings.xml in the path "C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\SDL\SDL Multiterm Widget\Multiterm15" or reset it to the original value.
This error only occurs when Windows 10 is installed. 

Here is a screenshot if you drag the result window larger or smaller in the lower right corner:

When you enter a new word in order to look it up, the program crashes and does not work or start any more. 

  • Hello ,

    I believe you have a valid support contract- so you should log this item through your account /support and our technicians can have a look for you.

    It would be good however to understand whether after updating to Studio SR2 , whether you have also updated your MultiTerm installation (essential)

    If the problem is only affecting W10 users (and not a general one) , this might suggest it's actually a user profile issue and should be fixed by recreating their profiles