How to split a termbase to separate languages?


I need to split a huge termbase we received from a client (the size is approx. 1,4 GB).

Using it as it is slows down the workflow of many linguists using older or weaker machines.

For this reason I saved the definition file from the existing termbase and created a new one using it.

I removed the excessive languages and left only two. Then I tried importing the export of the source termbase but zero entries were imported.

Please see part of the log file:

Import log information

General information:
Import definition name: Default import definition
Termbase name: XXX XXXX
Import file: C:\Users\user\Desktop\XXX XXXX\!Export\Export.xml
Import log file: C:\Users\user\Desktop\XXX XXXX\!Split\xx-XX_yy-YY\import.log
Exclusion file: C:\Users\user\Desktop\XXX XXXX\!Split\xx-XX_yy-YY\excl.xcl
Allow over-complete entries: false
Allow incomplete entries: true
Ignore sub-languages: true
Full reorganization: false

Import Options:
Import all entries: Add import entry as new

Original Entry Number Action Entry Number in Termbase

1 Does not conform to the target termbase definition.


Total entries processed: 0
Total entries added: 0
Total entries merged: 0
Total entries omitted: 0
Total entries written to the output file: 0

Can you please help with this?

I tried with different import settings (i.e. with full reorganization, allowed over-complete entries) but unfortunately the result was the same.

Any ideas what might be wrong?

FYI, I am using Multiterm 2015 on Win 10 64-bit machine.

Best regards,