Newly Added Terms to Multiterm vanished after installing Multiterm update today...

I'm working on SDL 2017 SR1 14.1.10017.54688 

I'd been working on a package which was provided to me, with a termbase. 

I've populated the termbase over the past weeks... 

and today, my client sent me an updated file to the same package

I noted that the multiterm recognition was not working/enabled.

I decided to open Multiterm separately and to check the terms. 

I got a prompt asking me to update Multiterm. (Multiterm 2017). I ran the update and now ALL THE NEWLY ENTRIES ARE GONE.

I've checked a couple of threads reporting a similar problem, but they did not help( Alice?).

suppiosing the modules did not install correctly, i double clicked on each module in the corresponding folders ((programdata/programcache/sdl/sdlmultitermdesktop2017_SR1/Modules

nothing; please help. Am alreday spending way too much time on this... 

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