How to handle SEO terms in termbase efficiently?

In one of the webinars on the SDL site, the presenter announces she will talk about how to handle SEO terms in Terminology Management - but then she does not seem to get around to it, at least it's not in the webinar. Does anybody know a good source to start into that topic?


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  • Hello ,

    thank you very much for your reply! Should you (or SDL) run out of ideas for webinars, this would be a very interesting one. MIght be a bit messy from an academic point of view, but in practice, this is an issue.

    What comes to mind (you called it "the opposite of enforcing consistent terminology") is the fleetingness of SEO terms. Today's grand keyword is replaced by another next month. Does the translator need to know some keyword indicators like search volume, average CPC and competition?

    I am a bit concerned about messing up my "proper" Termbase with lots of SEO-stuff that I will have to maintain later. Maybe start a second termbase just with keywords?

    I'd love to know how other companies deal with this issue.


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