No term recognition unless you reorganize the termbase (Multiterm 2019 and Groupshare 2015)

Hi all,

Multiterm hitlist showing strange results (duplicate terms) is a known issue (solution: reorganization).

What I've never experienced so far and what happened recently was a project with no term recognition results in Studio at all (Studio settings were correct). After reorganization the term recognition worked normally again. This happened with a termbase with a limited number of entries (no imports of data without reorganization).

What also happens quite frequently is that while in some segments a term is recognized properly, in other segments in the same document the same term is not recognized at all. It has nothing to do different use of hyphens or term groups. Also editing the source text (deleting words/spaces etc) does not change the situation.

Have you ever experienced such a partial or complete fail of term recognition in Studio?