Multiterm does not correctly export its own termbases to tab-delimited format (only one translated term per source term is exported)

Dear All,

I am trying to export a Trados termbase using the tab-delimited export definition, but it seems that only the first of several translations for a single source term is exported.

So, let us say that your term entry looks like this:

In my experience, when exporting a term with multiple translations using the tab-delimited export definition, only the first translated term will be exported and the last 5 will be missing from the .txt file.

What am I doing wrong?

Best regards,

Pavel Tsvetkov

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  • What am I doing wrong?

    Absolutely nothing I think!  You have to have a mentality that can adapt to the crazy unintuitive and illogical workings of MultiTerm to make this one work!  I almost logged a bug myself until I realised what was needed.  Try this:

    1. duplicate the default export so you can edit it
    2. select the duplicate and click on "Edit"
    3. when you get to step 2 of 8 select the "Sort termbase content by language field"
    4. click through until you get to step 7 of 8 and select the "Re-export synonyms"
    5. Click next and finish
    6. Now process the edited export definition

    This time you should get all your synonyms in the export file.  It's really no wonder people love the Glossary Converter so much as it really simplifies the export of data from Multiterm.  But you do get more data with the out of the box export if you can figure out how to use it!

    Sometimes I wonder if the UI designer for MultiTerm was on drugs when it was designed!!

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    step 7 of 8

    how many "Steps" do you have to go further, until you finish your dance ?

    finish your boring dance in OneStep.

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    please stop with this one step nonsense. It’s all getting very tiring. If you look at the export wizard there are different options at every stage of the process so the wizard caters for many different requirements.

  • Hi Paul,

    Thank you for researching this.

    Indeed, I work with Trados on a daily basis and still find it difficult to operate, so it is only fair to assume that the UI is confusing. Specifically for Multiterm I find it not only confusing but unreliable. Admittedly, I am adding hundreds of new terms to it every day (and at the pace of hundreds of copy-paste operations), but it crashes every 30-40 minutes, grows its termbase's size 8 times and just forces me to export the failed termbase to an Excel table, edit it, re-create the termbase from scratch and re-import the contents. It has probably happened 5-6 times over the last 12 months. Luckily, most crashes, although time-consuming, do not result in structural harm to the termbase, but sometimes single terms (with no translation) creep in and are difficult to pinpoint.

    Best regards,

    Pavel Tsvetkov

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    good point

    your stuff is perfect

    never worry about mine

    nobody gonna use it


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    my point is your one-step solutions have their place, if they work, but they are not the answer to everything. When you discount the products for every single thing because you think you have a better solution with one-step it does get a bit tiring.

    if you didn’t criticize a solution that offered more options all the time it wouldn’t be so irritating.

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    too much options ? could be silly solution, as you can see clearly in this main post.
    too small options ? (actulally, no option at all) could be silly style too, of course.

    So, what is the best ? Nobody knows, that should be case by case.

    Right ?

    Enjoy your time.