Multiterm does not correctly export its own termbases to tab-delimited format (only one translated term per source term is exported)

Dear All,

I am trying to export a Trados termbase using the tab-delimited export definition, but it seems that only the first of several translations for a single source term is exported.

So, let us say that your term entry looks like this:

In my experience, when exporting a term with multiple translations using the tab-delimited export definition, only the first translated term will be exported and the last 5 will be missing from the .txt file.

What am I doing wrong?

Best regards,

Pavel Tsvetkov

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    0 Former Member over 1 year ago in reply to Paul

    too much options ? could be silly solution, as you can see clearly in this main post.
    too small options ? (actulally, no option at all) could be silly style too, of course.

    So, what is the best ? Nobody knows, that should be case by case.

    Right ?

    Enjoy your time.

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