Default termbase must be without sub-languages?

Hello SDL Community,

OK I have just finished creating an exquisite 170-entries legal termbase.

For terms that differ US English vs. UK English I added separate index-level entries within terms (only 10 terms, around 5%).

I just had a minor freak out because when I had only this termbase as the default termbase in a project with en-US files, only the en-US terms were recognized and shown in the term recognition window.

However, when I created an empty termbase that was only RU-EN (no sublanguages), and made it the default termbase, with my legal termbase as a secondary termbase, all of the sudden then I could see all the 170 RU-en entries, not just the RU-en-US en entries.

It seems very strange, but at least it works.  If anyone could offer any guidance on this, it would be most appreciated.


Tom Fennell

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  • There is no problem doing this, but there are advantages to not doing it, and instead create an attribute o the terms to define whether it's US or UK English.  This might be helpful: