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Hello, I am a new user of SDL Trados. I only translate single documents and I have only one termbase. I would like my termbase to be opened automatically each time I start a new tranlation. How can I do this? Thanks

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  • Hi 

    Ah, I see here you say you only translate single documents... in that case the setting I just described (to prevent the Target segment being auto-completed with the Source) can be made via File>Options.

    You can ensure that your termbase is automatically included when you start a new translation by adding it here:

    Click File>Options>All language pairs>Termbases>Use:

    Then click on 'File-based MultiTerm Termbase' (unless you're working with a server-based or cloud-based terminology provider):

    Then navigate to the termbase you wish to use and either highlight it and click 'Open' or simply double-click on it.

    Thereafter, every file you work on with the same language pair as the termbase will automatically have that termbase activated ready for use.

    You can add a translation memory in a similar way.

    Whatever you add via File>Options will automatically be applied for every document you translate thereafter.

    Is this enough information?

    All the best,

    Ali Slight smile

  • Yes it is enough information. Ali, you're very efficient and helpful. Thanks A LOT

  • Hi 

    You're welcome, the pleasure is mine!

    All the best,

    Ali Slight smile

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