sublanguages treated as different languages in MultiTerm?


I have a MultiTerm database with different sublanguages (DE-DE, DE-CH; IT-IT, IT-CH...) and I mainly use MultiTerm as standalone application. My impression is that MultiTerm treats sublanguages as completely different languages, so that when searching for a term I need to specify the sublanguage to look up in each time. Now I would like to specify only the main language -- or no source-language at all for that matter, which would be the ideal scenario. For example, “description” is Beschreibung in Germany and Beschrieb in Switzerland, so I have both terms within the same concept-entry. Now if I look up Beschrieb when the “Search in” drop-down box is set to “German”, MultiTerm cannot find the concept-entry. Is there a way to use MultiTerm sublanguage-unspecific while keeping regional variants at the same time?

Thank you very much.