Multiterm won't open, no error message...

Hi everyone, I am really a novice here, so I may not be doing everything ok.

However, everything was going well during my last translation project. The only error message I got from Studio was trying to export final file... but I don't know if this has something to do with Multiterm... (at least it was not specified).

When I open the termbase from the main page in Studio, it seems that I can add a new term, but the window never opens either. But if I try to add again the same word, I have a message saying that an entry already exists for this term...

Can somebody help with this?

Thank you a lot for your patience Slight smile

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  • Thank you a lot! Actually I did the check for updates process just in case, and I was able to open Multiterm. Now, when I try to add a new term, a new entry is created but the window I get in Studio get stucked in "Loading base term in progress" (or something like that, I use the French Slight smile). If I go back to Multiterm, I can see the entry has been created but I cannot add my french translation from the window in Studio, I have to go back to MultiTerm.