Reinstalling MultiTerm

I got the error message "A connection to MultiTerm Server could not be established. Please check your connection settings". I tried the solution given in the Knowledge Base, i.e. renaming the MultiTerm15 folder in the Roaming SDL\SDL MultiTerm folder, but that hasn't worked. I then got so desperate I completely uninstalled MultiTerm (and yes I did uninstall it using the correct procedure), but then couldn't reinstall it. Finally I got so desperate I reinstalled the entire Trados Studio SR2 App. I've now gone to the ribbon and tried to create a Termbase and it says MultiTerm isn't installed. I don't understand this as when I go to it via C:\Users\Username\AppData....etc, I can see the MultiTerm files all there. I don't have a scooby doo what's going on. Can ANYONE help???? Any help much appreciated! 

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