Correcting termbase errors in excel and then reimporting into multiterm


Thanks to the RAT plug-in, I can finally be effortlessly adding terms to my termbase as I translate. However, Finnish is an inflected language so many of these terms need to be returned to their base form. I've worked out how to use Multiterm to filter for recently added terms, then export these, convert to excel and then quickly tidy things up in excel, but how do I then reimport this excel back into multiterm in such a way that it overwrites the original, incorrect term entries?

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  • You need to convert the Excel into a multiterm XML matching the termbase definition you have.  You can use the Glossary Converter for this or Multiterm Convert.  Then you can import the XML.

    Alternatively, add your terms to a separate termbase with the same definition if you are always going to have to check them first, and once they are all checked you export the XML from MultiTerm and import into your main termbase.