World Server package error: MultiTerm is unable to create the termbase

I was trying to open a World Server package (JA-JP to ZH-TW) but came across the following error message: MultiTerm is unable to create the termbase. I can open a WS package if it is without a termbase. I use Windows 10 (Traditional Chinese version), up-to-date Trados 2019 Freelance SR2 (EN), and up-to-date MultiTerm (EN). My client can open the package without problems, and their OS is in Japanese, and they use Trados 2019 Professional. I have more than 200 packages to open, but so far I could only open those without a termbase. I had this issue before upgrading to SR2 and MultiTerm. Your help is appreciated.

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  • Don't know if this will solve your problem as I've never had it before. I notice in the error message that it's trying to create a termbase with Asian characters in it. You can maybe try this as a workaround.

    WorldServer packages can be "unzipped" to a folder using 7-zip, or opened directly in 7-Zip as an archive. If you open it in the Archive Viewer, or whatever's it called, maybe there is a file in there called terminology_data.tbx:

    You can either try deleting this file from the archive or perhaps editing the title of the termbase so that Studio can read it. 

    Granted, I've never tried this, but maybe it'll work (make a backup of the package first if necessary!)

    Good luck!

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