How can I export an entire termbase into a PDF file?

Hello! I hope someone has the answer to this. I have been able to print an entry from my termbase into a PDF file, using the "print this entry" command and saving it as PDF. I am doing it this way because each entry has images, and the export options don't work well with images. However, when I'm done populating all of the termbase, I would like to print it out as a whole in PDF. It would be too time consuming to do it one by one. I'm doing a research paper and I would like for it to have a good presentation. Any tips on how can I achieve this? I have SDL Multiterm 2019. Thank you! 


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  • it is configurable and certainly desirable. If you had a large termbase and wanted a different content/layout then you certainly wouldn’t want to do this in Word!

    Of course not, but please enlighten me, where can I configure the Word export. I fail to see more options than sorting and filtering in MT...

    BTW, I just tried to export a simple TB to rtf with MT2021b and the result is an empty file...