How can I export an entire termbase into a PDF file?

Hello! I hope someone has the answer to this. I have been able to print an entry from my termbase into a PDF file, using the "print this entry" command and saving it as PDF. I am doing it this way because each entry has images, and the export options don't work well with images. However, when I'm done populating all of the termbase, I would like to print it out as a whole in PDF. It would be too time consuming to do it one by one. I'm doing a research paper and I would like for it to have a good presentation. Any tips on how can I achieve this? I have SDL Multiterm 2019. Thank you! 


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  • Hello Jerzy, thank you for your reply. When I export the termbase using that option, it only exports a few fields for some reason: only those that are at entry level and one of the target languages equivalent. Also, it doesn't export the image (it exports only the image name). Furthermore, my termbase is multilingual and it only exports one target language, and not all three included. Any thoughts?

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