terms auto-multiplied

Terms are automatically multiplied when I delete one. Please watch this:

And now step by step:

1. As you can see on the image below (this is the Termbase Management window) there are 743 terms in English, 405 in Italian and 347 in Polish.

2. As I open the Terms view we can see one term is already multiplied.

3. I open the view of that particular term ("Alpi Carniche") and scroll down to view the related terms in the Polish language. You can see there is a lot of multiplied terms in English (and Italian) and there is a duplicated term in Polish. (Believe me, I might have made a mistake and added a term twice but for sure I did not multiply them myself!)

4. I delete one of the Polish terms. Everything seems to go well till this point - I get the information the term was deleted and the changes saved (sure it takes time with this number of terms for a single entry!).

5. Then I switch the view to another term (all is fine). When return to the previously viewed term ("Alpi Carniche") however, I can see the duplicated term in Polish is still there!


6. Now, look at the Termbase Management window: 1127 terms in English (compared to 743 before the term removal attempt), 533 in Italian (405 earlier) and in Polish there are still 743 terms!!! (Please note, the number of entries did not change.)

Can anyone explain what happens here and how to stop this?

(Edit: I use SDL Multiterm 2021 SR1 @ Win 10.)

  • I did a downgrade to one of the previous versions of 2021, but that did not help.

    I still get the problem (new cases) although I managed to delete entire entries described above. I assume, whenever I try to delete a duplicated term, things get only worse as the term is being multiplied in other languages, as described earlier. I don't know what causes the initial duplication of some terms.

    Does anyone encounters the same problem. It is a serious one for me. Dear Technical Team, if you want to test it yourself, I could provide you the termbase where I observe this.

  • Can you create a new termbase with the definition of your current termbase and import all terms of the current termbase into the new one? I had a similar issue a while ago, somehow a decaying termbase, and creating a fresh one solved the problem. No data loss.


  • Thank you, Daniel.

    I will try. However, the one I'm using now was created in this way a few days back when I downloaded the data from the cloud version of the base.

    By the way, "reorganize" does not help. :-(

    It's a good news I'm not the only one to encounter this problem, although I'm sorry for you facing it - I know how frustrating it is even if no data is lost. I hope the problem will be recognised and fixed soon!

  • Dear Daniel,

    Exporting the database to the xml file and its definition xdt and then creating a new base and importing the data from the xml (with the second or third import option as shown below) does not help. Terms get multiplied and that is much frustrating. :-(

    Is there a way to export without the duplicates?

  • Dear Daniel,

    Do you know if this problem was anyhow solved?


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