Merging misaligned termbases


I am a newbie to SDL software, so I will be grateful if someone could share their expertise with me and help me out.

I've got a bilingual Excel table that I want to convert into a termbase. However, the entries are horizontally misaligned, meaning some of them get pushed down because synonyms are listed in separate fields. The only thing that connects the entries are the corresponding concept ID numbers (meaning 3 synonyms will all be listed under a certain number, as seen in the picture below).

I tried to intuitively align the terms and merge the synonyms by trying out various options. Some solutions seemed to have worked at least partially, but overall the entries were still largely misaligned. 

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  • Hello ,

    I've used SDL Converter to convert the Excel file. At this stage I tried to do it with just one common concept ID, no concept ID and separate concept IDs (concept ID 1, concept ID 2 for each corresponding language).

    After creating the termbase, I tried both 'Default import definition' and 'Synchronise on Entry Number' on each variation. The 'no concept ID' + 'Synchronise on Entry Number' combination achieved merging, but not alignment by concept ID number. Other results were not optimal.

    I know the problem lies in the file itself rather than the software, but I was hoping to be able to find a solution within the programme to sort out the mismatched data using one common value (in this case, the concept ID).

  • You could try the Glossary Converter . Move the English part below the Polish one, like this:

    make sure columns B and D are both called the same, e.g. "conceptid"

    In the converter, activate Merge in the settings, and convert to sdltb.