I have added termbase and am also able to "add new terms". Through termbase viewer also able to see those added terms. But when I perform termbase search even though I am able to see the word,  the search is not retrieving any result. I am new to trados and your help to use termbase will be great.

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  • Thank you for the details, . I have a few suggestions for you:

    1. Please make sure that both your Trados Studio and MultiTerm are up to date - you can check available updates by accessing the software and going to Help > Check for Updates (applicable to both of them).

    2. When you add a term in the Termbase, please make sure you add both the source and the target version. You can add it either by Add New Term or Quick Add New Term and, in both situations, the term should appear in Term Recognition/Termbase Search.

    3. When you search a term in Termbase Search, please make sure you type it correctly - the best way is to copy and paste it. Also, you can apply Fuzzy Search (the first icon, the one with a telescope), which should find any similar term(s) to the one you're searching for.

    4. Again, when you search a term, please make sure you press ENTER after you've typed it, otherwise, the search won't launch.

    I hope this helps. Please let me know if you've followed all these steps and you still have issues (which you certainly shouldn't).

    Best regards,

    Alina Lazar

    SDL Customer Experience Specialist