updated Termbase error

I'm a beginner and I created a Termbase through the Glossary Converter app.
At first It worked well. But then I updated the original glossary(excel file), deleted the existing Termbase files and recreated the Termbase.
But unlike before now Trados shows "no results available" in Term Recognition window.
How can I fix it? And is there any way to update the Termbase automatically when I update the excel file?

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  • Hello ,

    Thanks for sending me the files/TB.

    Indeed, I was unable to use/open the original TB- so  I recreated the TB from the Excel file using Glossary Converter (GC) and were then able to use this in Studio/MultiTerm

    I'm not sure what caused the issues in the first place- but it's worth making sure that the GC setting are correct for Default Output (r custom formats)

    You can also add terms as you work- simply highlight the term- right-click and Add New Term/Quick Add New Term.

    Hope this helps.