Error message: Database could not be opened (Multiterm)

I am stuck with this error message (see attached file) and cannot create new entries in Multiterm 2019. I have been working the whole day without any problems and suddenly the error appeared. I have then made the update to the 2021 version of Studio and Multiterm but this didn’t change the situation. I can open Multiterm, I can search for entries an I was able to create one new entry and the next new entry had the error message again.

<SDLErrorDetails time="09.05.2021 08:38:44">
  <ErrorMessage>Datenbank '' konnte nicht geöffnet werden. Entweder wird die Datenbank nicht von Ihrer Anwendung erkannt, oder die Datei ist beschädigt.</ErrorMessage>
    <Type>System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException, mscorlib, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089</Type>
    <HelpLink />
    <StackTrace><![CDATA[   bei Sdl.MultiTerm.TMO.Interop.TermbaseSearchClass.Execute()
   bei Sdl.MultiTerm.Client.UI.Viewer.ScriptingHost.Search(String query, String index, Int32 maxHits, Boolean returnIDs, Boolean isFromDefaultLayout)]]></StackTrace>
    <ProductName>SDL MultiTerm</ProductName>
    <OperatingSystem>Microsoft Windows 10 Pro</OperatingSystem>
    <PhysicalMemory>11968168 MB</PhysicalMemory>
PDF Could anyone please give me some advice? Thanks Katharina

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  • I was able to add some terms but then again, I had the error message.

    ok - if you are using these versions then I think the problem may be with your termbase:

    Trados Studio 2021 -
    MultiTerm 2021 -

    Try exporting the contents to the default export definition and then recreate your termbase from the MultiTerm XML and XDT you got in the export.

    If you are not using these versions then please make sure you update so you do have them installed.

  • I have the Version of Multiterm 2021 and the Version of Studio 2021.

    I have now understood when this error happens: When I create a new entry and there is a word starting with an "a" in French language. Other words in French are o.k. but when it starts with "a", I have the error message and I can't go further. As soon as I delete the "a" at the beginning of the word, it's fine and I can save the entry. That's really strange, isn't it? When I save the entry without the "a" at the beginning and try to add the "a" later, the error message appears again... See the attachted screenshot.PDF