Multiterm Converter 2021 Parsing Error

I am trying to convert a .tbx file to create a termbase. 

The .tbx file is from the Irish terminological database, available here 

I am getting this error:

I can see other parsing errors on the forum, but nothing that is a help re Multiterm Converter 2021.

Can anybody advise?

TIA, Darán

  • I downloaded the TBX from the website.  As noted the file does contain invalid XML.  So this is what I did:

    1. ran a couple of search & replace operations on the file to remove all the invalid XML and replaced with ' which is the correct way to represent the reserved character for an & symbol in XML.  As far as I can see there are no other reserved characters being used incorrectly
    2. I then converted the TBX (it's not OLIF) using the Glossary Converter rather than MultiTerm Convert because it's easier ;-)  There were a few entries in Latin (LA), Maori (MA), and old Irish (SGA), none of which are supported in Trados so I ignored these
    3. the entire TBX contains a large number of languages which makes it much too large for MultiTerm to convert and handle.  So as a proof it works I ignored all languages apart from English and Irish and this works... just takes so long to reorganise I lost patience and didn't wait till the end... but did get a good number in just to prove the concept:

    Reality is that aside from the XML being invalid it's simply too large!

    Also noting... "concepts" and "entries" are not the same thing ;-)

  • Also noting... "concepts" and "entries" are not the same thing ;-)

    I don't understand. According to the SDL training courses for MultiTerm "in a concept-oriented database all terms that belong to the same concept can be found in the same entry." SDL MultiTerm termbases use a concept-oriented approach.

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