Dialog box cropped in termbase wizard in MultiTerm 2021

This is a very annoying problem when setting up a new termbase in MultiTerm:
the wizard dialog is cropped and there is no way to reach the settings etc. in the cropped off parts, not even Tab works:

 (bottom option "Use an existing termbase as a template" unusable)

 (note cropped fields on right)

 (cropped stuff at bottom unreachable, "Sort order"?)

 (more cropped fields)

 ("Field settings" unreachable at bottom)

There is no way to resize it, which shouldn't really be necessary since the contents are known (and very spread out, for no apparent reason). Also, it doesn't help creating it and then trying to edit the definition later – that dialog has the exact same issues.

I'm using MultiTerm 2021 SR1 - on Windows 10 Pro (20H2 19042.1052).

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