MultiTerm Desktop 2021 shows wrong termbases in hitlist

Dear RWS Community,

A coworker has come up with a strange phenomenon within MultiTerm Desktop 2021. After performing a couple of searches on GroupShare TBs, she gets hitlist results where termbases are shown which she has not selected. They exist on the GroupShare server, but they are not selected within MultiTerm. When she clicks on one of these results, however, the actual entry shown on the right is an entry from the selected termbases.

The only workaround that worked to "solve" this was to close MultiTerm, delete the UserSettings.xml and restart MultiTerm again. This is highly frustrating for our linguist since she loses a lot of time doing this. It seems to be happening nearly on a daily basis.

The strange thing about this is that she is the only colleague reporting this performance issue. Neither I nor anyone from the IT team has been able to reproduce the problem. Maybe she is the only one using MultiTerm Desktop on a regular basis. We don't know yet.

Have you heard from others having this problem?

  • Hello @

    As the issue is only being reported by one user and you have been unable to replicate the issue,

    can you confirm the exact versions of Studio/MultiTerm the user has, (Help/About Trados Studio) and whether everyone else is actually using.

    Its also perhaps worth running a Studio repair/reset as this often resolves issues with no known cause and aren't easily replicable.

  • Hi ,

    Thank your for your quick reply. I know this issue is hard to replicate. I didn't know how to get to the root cause. That is why I wrote a question.

    She keeps getting these strange hitlist results on different systems. The version we currently have installed is SDL MultiTerm Desktop SR1 2021 16.1.541. Studio Version is SDL Trados Studio 2021 SR1

    A repair/reset would make sense if this happend only on one specific system, I would say.