how to open .sdlppx file in SDL Trados

Hi i am using SDLTraodos Stuio 2015. can any one suggest how to open .sdlppx file into  Trados.




  • Hi Babita,

    the file *.sdlppx you received is a Studio package file. containing all project files to let you translating the prepared document(s).

    The correct procedure to open it is the following:

    1. First of all, copy the *.sdlppx file on your desktop or, better, in a dedicated folder.

    2. Then access to the “Welcome” view, or “Projects” view, and click, in the first case, on “Open Package” or, in the second case, on “Open Package” icon of the Home ribbon:

    3. In both cases, you will get a navigation window, similar to this one, from which you can select the *.sdlppx file you received.

    4. Double click on the *.sdlppx file you received. You will get this dialog. In the field “Project folder” type (or select) the path where you want to extract the resulting project files (usually the same folder where you saved the *.sdlppx file( and click on "Finish".

    5. When the process has been completed, in the “Projects” view you will see the project name. At this point you can proceed as usual with the translation of your document(s).

    Extracted working files have been stored in the folder you selected in step 4 in a way similar to this one:

    Anyway, please refer also to this thread and to other similar threads.

    I hope this might help.