No matches from MT when string begins with hotkey

I do a lot of software localization and I've run into a potential bug with MT. When the first word in the Source string begins with a placeholder (e.g. &Image Effects`SE) then MT shows no matches for any of the words in the string i.e. I get nothing for "image" and nothing for "effects".

Or is this a setting I need to switch? There's nothing obvious.

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  • I get them as plain text. I must return them as plain text.

    Sure. That does not prevent you in any way to treat them in Studio as needed.
    E.g. if they are in fact XML files, but with .txt extension, you can simply change the extension and let Studio treat them as XML files. Or, create a custom XML file type which will be configured to process .txt files...

    Also, the client uses <ex></ex> to supply context information and if I somehow mess with the formatting so that all the code is hidden, I lose access to that.

    So do NOT mess with the formatting then... ;-)

    I don't see ANY problem...
    Perhaps you can post a short sample...