How to convert a TBX file in to .sdltb file for SDL termbase


I am using SDL Studio 2015 SR2 with SDL Multiterm 2015 SR2.

I have received a termbase file from a customer (say "Termbase TBX") an XML document. I need to convert it to a .sdltb file for use with SDL Multiterm.

Could you someone tell me to go about it please?

Can Multiterm itself handel .xml termbase document or do I need to use a converter first (which one?).

Thanks for your support in advance

Best regards

Shyam Gupta 

  • Try the Glossary Converter from the SDL AppStore: 

    You can also use Mutiterm Convert, but the GC is easier to use.
    Multiterm can import XML termbases, but you need to have the proper TB definition file for it or must create such on your own. So also for this one try the GC.

  • Hi Jerzy,
    Thanks for your prompt answer.
    I tried to use the Glossary Converter. But when I try to drag and drop the .xml file over GC, a "no entry sign appears (circle with diagonal bar). Thus basically GC doesn't accept the .xml drag and drop.

    Probably, I am not using the GC in proper manner.
    In case you have a hint for me how to use the GC correctly, it would be just great.

    Thanks for your help in advance
  • Hi Shyam,

    That suggests that the xml file you have is not really TBX. Even if the extension of the TBX is XML it will still be recognised. Can you share the file perhaps?


  • Or at least post here a fragment of the file including file heading.
  • Hi Paul, hi Jerzy,
    Unfortunately I cannot contact the customer to get permission to share TBX file here (as you know, Yesterday was a public holiday in Germany and today is the so called "bridging day").

    However I have the following pieces of information:
    1. The TBX file has been extracted from a SDL Termbase using the export function
    2. The log file sent by the customer appears to be quite ok, except for the fact that "export type = User defined".

    Probably this is the cause of the error - I don't know what export option the customer has selected.

    I myself have tried to export one of my existing .sdltb files using SDL termbase export function and it created an .xml file without problems. I could reconvert this .xml file into SDL Termbase file using the Glossary Converter without problem. Indeed comparing the log file, I found that in my case the "export type" was given as "default" and not "user defined". This was the only difference I could see.

    Is there any other possibility to convert the .xml file into .sdltb (perhaps using the so called "definition file.xdt".
    Is this described somewhere in SDL documentation or in a SDL video?

    Finally, if I were to send to you the .xml file, how could I possibly do that - attach to this reply?
    Unfortunately I don't seen any button to attach/upload a file to this reply. Could you kindly inform me also on this please?

    Thanks for you help in advance
    Best regards
  • Hi Paul, Jerzy,
    The "export type" shown in my export test case was "Vollständig" (Complete) and not "Default" as mentioned in my response above.
    I am sorry for have made that mistake.
  • Hello Shyam,

    If the xml won't convert with the Glossary Converter then I doubt MultiTerm will do it either, but you could try using MT Convert. You build the definition with MultiTerm Convert in a similar way you would with the Glossary Converter. So maybe worth a try. It feels as though there is something wrong with the file though.

    If you were to attach files to this thread perhaps review this post, it explains how to do this:


  • Hi Paul and Jerzy,

    Finally, here is some good news I wish to share with you.

    I created a new termbase in SDL Termbase using the "Definition file" (.xdt) and then imported the .xml file into it.
    And it worked. I now have a proper .sdltb file which I can work with.

    Many thanks for your guidance - which lead to the solution.

    Best regards