Issues with .xlf-files made via TransPDF when trying to upload it to Trados Studio 2017

This week I received a task from a customer which involved the translation of two PDF-files from English to Danish.
I am already aware of the fact that Trados Studio 2017 is able to translate PDF-files with a reasonable result. As I cannot accept a 'reasonable result' I decided to convert the PDF-files to Word (with Adobe DC) and afterwards translate them both in Traodos. The result was still not any good and then I remembered the site TransPDF where I have created a profile a while ago.

So I uploaded one of the PDF-files to the site and received a xlf-file in return. Unfortunately, Trados would not accept the file as I received an error message saying: “The file xx.xlf cannot be opened as it contains languages that are not configured for this translation” while trying to create a translation of a single document .

As I did not have time to work out how to solve the issue I ended up typing the Danish translation directly into a Danish version of the Word document which took me quite some time.

Afterwards I have discovered that the original language of both PDF-files is German and the original file type is InDesign (MAC). So I have actually tried to change the language in Trados Studio but without any luck.

I will look forward to hearing from you.