Where to install plug-ins


I own Trados Studio 2015 SR3. I have just downloaded Regex Match Provider but I wasnt' sure where to. After rebooting Studio it doesn't appear anywhwere, not even in the list of plug-ins.

Couold you please advise?

Thank you

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  • Hi,

    I know what it means Admin, my account is already admin, but for some reasons sometimes Windows still treats me as a non-admin...

    Anyway, I have managed to make Regex appear in tne plugins, not following Steven's steps, but by clicking "Plug-in" under "Add-ons". Now I just need to make it work and to remember why I had downloaded, more than one year ago....  :-(

    The only folder where plugins seem to work for me is C:\Users\Fausto\AppData\Roaming\SDL\SDL Trados Studio\12\Plugins\Packages
     (I don't have the "15" folder).

  • Hello ,

    As you have Studio 2015- the correct folder will be indeed the 12 (= 2015)

    15 is referring to Studio 2019 (confusing i know).

    My original steps would only have worked if the plugins were in the correct folder in the beginning, which wasnt the case.

    But good that everything now works for you.